Kitchen cupboard doors are the first thing for anyone to notice once they step foot into your kitchen. These doors do more than hold your plates and other kitchen items; they make your kitchen look attractive and inviting. The state of these kitchen doors will either serve as an eyesore or a sight to behold. They set and define the interior beauty standards of your kitchen.

Suppose you feel like giving your kitchen a facelift; in that case, you don't need to do a complete makeover which may cost you thousands of pounds, excluding the fee of a professional kitchen fitter doing the work and several days of a non-functional kitchen.

So what are your options? Let's take a look at a less expensive method of replacing your kitchen.  One of the biggest trends in 2021 is people refacing their kitchens; refacing is a simple way of updating your kitchen. It is the act of replacing your old kitchen cupboard doors and replacing them with new kitchen doors and accessories, which comes with many advantages.  We are here to guide you through the advantages and clarify why you only need to change the doors.


The costs of doing a complete makeover are way higher than replacing the kitchen cupboard doors. It gives the kitchen a completely new outlook. Replacement costs for an entire kitchen are insane compared to replacing kitchen cabinet doors; it costs an average of £10,000 and more to install a new complete kitchen.

You would have to replace your kitchen cupboard doors several times before it adds to the cost of a brand new complete kitchen.  Replacement doors, drawer fronts, and panels are a fraction of the cost compared to a completely new kitchen; replacement of your cupboard doors is an interior design hack, making a massive impact with a small budget.

The cost difference between these two choices is vast, as you are spending thousands of pounds on a new kitchen compared to replacing your old doors with new ones. The average cost of replacing your old doors and accessories is £800 to £1000. That’s a tenth of the cost of a new kitchen, and at that price, you won't regret spending a penny.

Another advantage of replacing your kitchen doors is if you already have fitted Granite/Quartz worktops. You know that this product can last a lifetime, and having to rip them out when installing a new kitchen will be a costly issue.  There is no risk of the worktop being damaged when installing the new kitchen cupboard doors.  Universal Kitchen Doors Time and Money


Just replacing your kitchen doors means less hassle and less stress. You can purchase these doors online from specialist kitchen door suppliers, and within a few days, they are delivered directly to you.

You do not need to remove your tiles, sink, even your appliances, or worry about new plumbing or electrics; you don't even need to decorate unless you decide you want to. You can then decide the convenient time when to fit your new replacement kitchen doors, as you may want to arrange for your fitter to install the doors and panels, or you can easily fit them yourself.

Fitting replacement kitchen doors can be installed in as little time as one afternoon, and the job is done with no mess.  Once you upgrading your kitchen, it takes no time to get things in order, and you receive the kitchen you have always dreamt of having.



So you might be thinking that your doors might be an odd size, and any new replacement kitchen doors you try and install will not fit. It is not a problem as businesses such as Universal Kitchen Doors can supply any odd sizes, from doors to cabinet panels.  It is one of the most significant advantages of going for cupboard door replacement.



It doesn't matter if your choice is a simple upgrade or a completely different look, be rest assured that you will be able to get a look that takes your fancy.  Changing how your kitchen looks or feels by using style and colours is a great way to brighten up and add value to your home at a low cost, so what is your kitchen door style?



Choosing the style of your replacement kitchen doors can be one of the hardest decisions to make for some people. Do you go with a traditional look or a modern kitchen door style? It may depend on many factors such as do you live in a cottage or a flat. To be honest, there is no right or wrong when picking a kitchen door style as your choice reflects you, such as bringing a little of the country style into your flat, if you are picking a traditional door style.



There is no right or wrong for picking your colour; what works for you may not work for others.  The most popular colours are different shades of grey, from Supermatt to Ultra-Gloss kitchen doors. White and Cream are still very popular choices, but how do you see the colours or the doors, if you don't have a door supplier near you?  Take Universal Kitchen Doors; you can buy and even receive free colour samples delivered to your home. Universal Kitchen Door Supermatt Colours


Most, but not all, kitchen doors are made out of a core material called MDF and then reaped in foil or acrylic.  Both foil and acrylic are available in a tremendous amount of different colours, from white, black to wood-effect doors and panels. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between real wood and not-so-authentic wood doors unless you know what you’re looking for.  Advantages to using these materials are ease of cleaning, and you don't have to worry about your doors warping over time.



The construction of a new kitchen cabinet requires that trees be chopped down from forests. Deforestation is a very harmful activity to the environment. It leads to an increased quantity of CO2 emissions and the eroding of the soil.

When you're not destroying the old kitchen cabinets but instead reusing them, you will be dumping less material in landfills. Older cabinets can rarely be reused or recycled once taken out of your kitchen.  So, the longer the duration you use them, the healthier the environment stays.


For those who wish to give their kitchen a fresh appeal but want something economical, eco-friendly with as many choices as possible, replacing your kitchen cupboard doors may be the best option.

There are several advantages to replacing the cabinet doors of your kitchen. It is financially economical; it is convenient and time-saving, environmentally friendly, you have the liberty to design your kitchen looks, pick your own, style, colours and have your doors made per your order. The advantages of replacing your cupboard doors are too good to pass over. You should consider giving your kitchen a new lift by replacing those kitchen cupboard doors. Universal Kitchen Doors Wilton Range