Universal Kitchen Doors, conceived during the United Kingdom's lockdown, caters to retail and trade customers. Our legacy is grounded in the meticulous design of numerous kitchens, where we recognise that only some people desire or necessitate an entirely new kitchen despite contentment with their existing layout.

Replacement Kitchen Doors

In 2021, we launched our website dedicated to providing premium yet affordable replacement cupboard doors. Universal Kitchen Doors is positioned as a premier online destination, offering a selection of kitchen items. Our commitment is to be the cheapest and best-serving replacement door provider online.

Company Goals

Our primary goal at Universal Kitchen Doors is to provide unparalleled choice, spanning a spectrum from colours to door styles. We take pride in supplying standard and bespoke door sizes to ensure universality, accommodating the oldest and newest kitchens. Looking ahead, we aspire to expand our website offerings by introducing various choices, such as base and wall units, to empower our customers with the cheapest and best-serving online options.

Our Company Beliefs

At the core of our operations lies the belief that the customer is paramount. We embrace the importance of differentiation, offering a hassle-free, cost-effective alternative for those seeking a refreshed kitchen aesthetic. Universal Kitchen Doors is committed to being the cheapest and best-serving replacement door provider online, whether your taste leans towards the traditional or contemporary. Contact us via phone or email for more information, and let us transform your kitchen with distinction.

Email: info@uksdoors.com

Call:    01422 381138


Universal Kitchen Doors Team

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