Do you want to make your kitchen look brighter and more aesthetically pleasing without a thorough kitchen renovation?  Replacement of kitchen and cabinet doors can be the most effective option.  It is because replacing cupboard doors and installing Universal Kitchen Doors makes more sense.

It is more effective to give your kitchen an updated feel without blowing your budget.  It can easily give your kitchen a whole new, modern look.  It's essential to know how to do it.  By understanding the entire process, you can complete replacing kitchen doors as rightly as possible. 

However, we have enlisted some essential things to consider regarding replacing kitchen doors.  Consequently, you can get things done more effectively in this regard.  So, here we go:

Replacing Your Kitchen  Doors, Made Easy

It is crucial to decide on the door style:

You must spend time selecting the style of the doors.  For this, you can have a look at some design inspirations online.  Find images of kitchen styles you like, making it easier to choose a perfect door style for your kitchen door.  There are different style options you can consider in this regard.  For example:

Traditional kitchens.

Traditional kitchens come up with more muted colours, such as whites, creams, or wood.  These often have more traditional kitchen designs with doors in shaker style.  Shaker doors are the most popular traditional kitchen door styles and are usually made from solid wood.

Modern kitchen styles.

In recent years, white and grey doors have become a contemporary gloss kitchens' mainstay.  These can also be excellent if you have a modern kitchen design/layout.    However, on the other hand, contemporary kitchen styles usually have high gloss or super matt kitchen doors with integrated handles.  These doors are often made of MDF.

A FIRA gold certification is a great way to ensure excellent manufactured doors, as this is the furniture industry's mark of excellence.


Arguably, the colour of your kitchen doors is also one of the most important things to consider while replacing your kitchen.  Fortunately, Universal Kitchen Doors can let you choose your door style in any of your preferred colours; you can choose a colour that can fit perfectly with your taste in kitchen décor.

However, if you cannot make a practical choice, you can ask for professional help to help you make a better choice.Kitchen Door Colours

Kitchen doors can be made of a variety of materials.  Less expensive kitchen doors are commonly made from MDF & chipboard.    However, solid wood is used to manufacture high-quality kitchen doors.  Select the type of kitchen and cabinet doors carefully:

Choose the type of kitchen cabinet doors as per your budget and requirements.  However, here are some of the most common options you can consider when choosing door materials.

  • Acrylic Gloss Doors.
  • Foil Doors.
  • Solid Wood Doors.
  • Super Matt Doors.
  • Woodgrain Doors.

You can choose your option as per your preferences.

Finishing quality and door sizes:

The finish of your kitchen cabinet doors is tough to discern, especially for the untrained eye.  However, looking at your door in the longer term is critical.  Therefore, you must invest in doors that come up with a perfect finish and quality.

Once you have decided on the style and colour of doors you want, it is time to measure your cabinet doors.  You may feel this is a daunting task, but don't panic.  Getting measurements from your old kitchen doors is easier than you think.  Start by measuring the doors from the back, as this is the squarest part of the door.  Then measure the height of doors in millimetres and then the width, making sure you write down each door measurement.  You will see a pattern form regarding the door sizes, such as all your base doors will be the same height as each other, and this will be the same for your wall doors.

Make sure to take your time and have no distractions.

Consequently, ordering the perfect size of kitchen doors will become easier for you.

Consider hinge hole position:

Measuring hinge hole position is another crucial factor in replacing kitchen doors with a hassle-free job.    Learn to measure the hinge hole position accurately to avoid complications. 

To measure the hinge hole's position, take a measuring tape and measure from the top of your kitchen door to the centre of the hinge hole.  Repeat the same step for the bottom hinge hole but this time from the bottom of the door to the centre of the hinge hole.

Taking the correct measurement of hinge hole position is easy, but ensure to perform the entire process without distraction, i.e., pets or children.  Make sure to measure twice to avoid any problems.  Once again, you will see a pattern where most of your doors have the exact hinge hole measurements.

Measuring your hinge hole position

What else do I need for my cupboard?

Don't forget your accessories, such as end panels, cornice, pelmet and plinths; these will be available in matching colours for your replacement kitchen doors.  

You can get the door cupboard customized to your measurements if you have any special door sizes.  With Universal Kitchen Doors, you can email your sizes.

Installing your kitchen replacement doors

Now that you understand how to replace your kitchen doors and accessories, Installation should be a walk in the park.  For installing doors, you will need a screwdriver.  You will need a saw for other items such as cornice, pelmet, and plinth.  There are kitchen fitters and joiners you could employ that could do the job within a day at very reasonable rates.  Make sure you get a day rate and ask how long it will take.

Measuring Cabinet Doors

For more information, check out our website at  Universal Kitchen Doors for the latest colours and styles for your new kitchen.  Want to know more about kitchen makeovers and guides?  Check out our blog onVERY BEST KITCHEN TRENDS IN 2022