What is FIRA Gold Certification

What is FIRA Gold Certification



What is the FIRA Gold Certificate?

The Fira Gold Certification is the top mark for any products or components that specialise in furniture. Companies and the products they make and sell can apply for a FIRA Gold Certification- but they have to specialise in the furniture industry.

To have this certificate, products must be assessed through strict tests conducted by FIRA. This will determine whether or not products sold will get the certificate. Even though the products are sold with FIRA Gold Certification, they will still have to be tested by FIRA to see if they meet the very high standard asked by FIRA. Customers and clients who know about the certification or research the products they buy will understand that the furniture is of a high standard.

FIRA Standards on Production and Installation:

FIRA Gold covers all furniture and components, including kitchen doors and accessories. Because of this, FIRA has tested both the manufacturers’ capabilities and products. To be given this certification, the company has to be rigorously tested against specific performance levels conducted by FIRA. The company is tested through audit testing and inspections, among other things.

To get a FIRA Gold Certification on production, rigorous tests about the product and the company are backed by an ongoing audit. FIRA does two different inspections, one on production and the other on Installation. Both cover all of the furniture industry.

To get a FIRA Gold Certification on Installation, the company has to prove that their employees and installers are qualified for their jobs, meaning they know what they are doing. The company also has to show the necessary procedures and documents to FIRA.

Advantages of the FIRA Gold Certificate:

There are many advantages for companies having the FIRA Gold Certificate. Firstly, due to the checks on the products made and sold, the consumer will have complete confidence when buying products as you will know they are the highest quality.

Also, the products will be re-assessed by FIRA, meaning that the quality of the products will not dwindle and will remain at the highest quality.